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Iraq Stars Co. for K9 services

Is Iraq registered company by Republic of Iraq Ministry of trade and registrar of company registration number 90100817 and 100% local ownership, whose employee are a mixture of local professionals and expatriates with international standards of operation.

K-9 teams are of significant value in law enforcement in detecting evidence, tracking persons who are lost, tracking suspects sought by security organs, protecting security officers and deterring criminal activities.

In addition to Explosive and Narcotic detection and Patrol services, Canines gives you the advantage to extend protection beyond human limitations. Along with being specially trained to detect unwanted contraband and explosives, canine teams serve as a physical deterrent which drastically mitigates risks associated with terrorist threats and crime before they ever become an issue. Because Iraq Stars Co. for K.9 Services canines are trained using live aids rather than pseudo-scents, they are able to locate smaller quantities of explosives, contraband and narcotics.
Our handlers are highly trained professionals internationally (expatriates) and locally sourced. With Iraq Stars Co. for K.9 Services, you can expect the finest canine teams and the highest quality of service. We will provide your organization safety and security along with the peace of mind you need to run your operations without interruption.
Implementing the most comprehensive and effective security at the most competitive rate in the market, is one of the smartest decisions you can make for your organization. Iraq Stars Co. for K.9 Services pairs exemplary dogs from proven European working dog bloodlines with an experienced canine handler’s team that have a background in the military, law enforcement and private security field, we guarantee the most highly-skilled and professional canine teams available.
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Our Services

explosive detection dogs (EDD)

Iraq Stars Co. for K.9 Services Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD) are utilized to provide an indication in the presence of explosive odor. As part of an integrated security solution, EDD teams also provide a strong visible and psychological deterrent against explosive threats.

Iraq Stars Co. for K.9 Services in Iraq on many Projects have conducted various searches in the past years on vehicle, luggage, buildings, facilities and open areas, doing our job of providing maximum local based K.9 security. Explosive Detection Dogs are the fastest, most versatile and reliable detection option available.

Canine Selection

how do we select our canines

Iraq Stars Co. for K.9 Services owns the canines used to fulfill the contracts obligations. Our canine selection process is based on the breeds’ natural characteristics and successful history as detection canines.

Iraq Stars Co. for K.9 Services Selects canines with the highest level of “Play and Prey” drive. Dogs with such drive are a pleasure to train and maintain, they have exceptional endurance, enthusiasm, and motivation for high performance activities such agility drills, fly ball, and obedience training. For these reasons,

Iraq Stars Co. for K.9 Services generally prefers German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Springer Spaniel and Labrador Retrievers.

We selects only the highest quality canines with proven Working dog bloodlines from our exclusive sources. Each canine is handpicked following strict guidelines and according to its ability to meet our quality and performance standards. We use senior trainers and subject matter experts to perform hands-on assessments and testing of each canine based on the


Following criteria;
Health and Genetics
Temperament and Endurance/Agility
Titration Levels

Typically screened canines will pass the initial evaluation and be approved for purchase. Some of the qualities Iraq Stars Co. for K.9 Services looks for in our Contract Working Dogs (CWDs) include:

1- A stable and approachable disposition,
2- The ability to behave appropriately around people at all times,
3- Eagerness to exhibit obedience to verbal or signaled commands,
4- Above average hunting and retrieval instincts;
5- Exceptional intelligence and acuity,
6- Prolonged enthusiasm for play;
7- Focused and fervent desire to search for an inanimate object or reward toy,
8- Consistent and appropriate behavior through all circumstances, including loud noises.

Training And Exercise

train, exercise and diet

The proper and effective use of K-9 teams in Security work and law enforcement is grounded in a basic training program which encompasses the knowledge and skills necessary to utilize the working dog in the field. In-service training is then needed to ensure that required basic skills are maintained.


Basic and in-service training standards have been established as performance objectives which relate to actual duties and tasks to be performed on the job. Performance objectives represent the goals of the training and are used to determine if the training has been successful by indicating whether trainees have achieved what is intended.

Iraq Stars Co. for K.9 Services Import EDD’s from Select specialized Dog facilities in Europe and USA with reputation and high integrity in the industry. These dogs are kept on standard and Oriented by rigorously taking them through frequently training with real time training set up and introduce them to real Expo materials both improvised and Military grades these include; TNT, C-4, SEMTEX, TIME FUSE, SMOKELESS POWDER, AMMONIUM NITRATE, CODEX and many more on market.


As well to keep them physical sound, Iraq Stars Co. for K.9 Services setup an exercise facility with at every contract/facility where our EDD teams are operating to keep them strong, fit, good health and bonding with handler at all time giving out 110% to our client.

Iraq Stars Co. for K.9 Services working dogs are trained using the “Toy and Praise” reward system, where the dog is incentivized to perform during a simulated scenario. This method has been proven to be the most efficient training technique in the industry, ensuring peak performance in the field.

Our canines are fed a well-balanced diet according to veterinary recommendations for maintaining high energy, joint health, and immune system function. In addition, Iraq Stars Co. for K.9 Services maintains up-to-date health certifications for each working dog and immediate veterinary access during training and utilization.

Timing of the course program basic canine guides

The timings based on the prepared program and coach need to change timings and sometimes as needed
Session or circumstances (Weather) or variables   

TTime The curriculum.
170 – 7.30Canine care × Circumference training.
27.30 – 800 BIOS and faith with dogs
38.15-10.00Canine training
410.00-11.00Lounge food
511.00-13.00Canine training
613.00-13.30 Canine care × Circumference training.
713.45-15.00Lessons and lectures

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Our Clients

who we served

Iraq Stars Co. for K.9 Services has most operations in Southern region of Iraq in public and private commercial clientele in Oil & Gas industry with experience of more than five years serving. And some of companies were are currently offer our services include

LUKOIL CENTRAL PROCESSING PLANT (Al Mashrif C.P.F). Iraq Stars Co. for K.9 Services provides EDD teams to the two Main Entrance to the facility, the teams are responsible for search and clearing everything accessing through of any unauthorized Explosive materials and acts as visual and psychological deterrent to threats.

G.C.C COMMERCIAL CAMP WQ2; Also with our best teams out there to serve our clientele, this is still one of many projects where our operational are of high quality and standard to the clients expectations.

LUKOIL ACCOMODATION CAMP; Our EDD Teams provide 24 hrs. K.9 services to the clients assuring their security and safety at all times and Iraq Stars Co. for K.9 Services have been applauded for commendable Job well done.

EDGO IRAQ CAMP NORTH RUMAILA, Iraq Stars Co. for K.9 Services was proud to serve our outstanding client and fulfilled all our contractual obligations till the end of contract. Our teams observed maximum output and clients recognized their efforts during contract period.

FLYDOG K.9 SERVICES; Iraq Stars Co. for K.9 Services is a proud customer of Flydog K.9 Services Turkey where our business ranges from Dog stocks, Training advisory services and consultancy.

BASRA OIL & GAS ANNUAL EXHIBITION; Being the largest international oil & gas events in Iraq, Iraq Stars Co. for K.9 Services is proud to be a partner in providing all K.9 services to an international annual event in supporting the core security in partnership with other non-state and state actors in the region.

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